The 3 Most Powerful ROUTINES

Change your routine, Change your life

Any journey of changing life, wellness or healing or growth can be overwhelming. If awareness is 50% of the job, then the next 25% is ‘what is a good starting point’?

So when I realized I want to work on my weight, my gut health, my over-thinking, my open pores, my wrinkles, my anxiety – can you imagine how overwhelmed I was?

What should I do first? So much information, so many things I want to fix and change and grow, where do I start?

Now, when I have to make any of my clients, friends or family start this journey – there is only one place I will begin – ‘routines’

I live by this motto – ‘change your routine, change your life’ – routines are power to our mind-body and soul. They give you stability, balance, nutrition, energy, sanity, self-control, self-care and self-love.

Your own set of super powers to win at anything and everything that you wish to.

These 3 routines are the most powerful ones and fundamental to any journey of growth. They are the 3 essential pit-stops of the day that impact our Thought-Emotion-Body – The 3 ingredients that bring about transformation.


The Superfoods Morning Routine

  • On the bed wake-up regime
  • Toxin cleansing
  • Superfoods & Hydration
  • Breakfast smoothie recipe
  • Meditation


MyPlate Eating Routine

  • Mandatory habits
  • Eating meditation
  • Eating ritual
  • MyPlate meal


Awareness Night Routine

  • The process
  • Superfoods
  • Routine on bed
  • Meditation

After permutations and combinations, trials and errors – I shaped these 3 routines with food & non-food elements that I swear by. I also see my clients sustain this and get results! 

And in the roller coaster of chasing goals, making through a checklist, playing different roles through the day – I find these 3 powerful routines bring so much inner power!


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  • 6 downloadable PDFs 

  • 3 downloadable meditations

  • A hamper with samples of my homegrown superfoods – Superherbs, Superradiance and Superdetox

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