Create the life you love

Over years I have gotten deep into the subject of how can we get what we want, how do we create our situations and manifest life we love. I also figured in this 7 years learning process that books like ‘secret’ and ‘law of attraction’ misses out on some really important steps. I identified those myself and practiced on me and I can’t even begin to tell you the big and small things that started to manifest!

I have worked with several clients in their journey and we’ve had and continue to see outstanding results – See what they have to say!


  • The masterclass from your easy-to-use learning platform that works on all devices, including your computer, tablet, or smartphone

  • 24/7 access for 4 weeks to learn on your own time, at your own pace from anywhere in the world. The program is delivered via videos, downloadable PDFs and clear voice-overs to help you learn and integrate these routines with ease

  • 8 worksheets and a total of 13 downloadable PDFs 

  • 6 guided meditations

  • 1 call with me

My online masterclass for Manifestation is my endeavour to make my masterclasses and coaching accessible and convenient to all at a fraction of the price.


CHAPTER 1: Introduction (this will be free)

1a) Client testimonials

1b) What secret and law of attraction misses out on form of video

1c) Bust myths around manifestation

1d) Steps of the masterclass


CHAPTER 2: What do we desire?

2a) Video to explain – areas of life we desire and how to need bring clarity on it to know what we asking for?








2b) How to bring clarity in what we desire?

2c) Excel sheet: My desired values worksheet

2d) X’s desired values worksheet

2e) Make your own desired values sheet

CHAPTER 3: What is the current situation?

3a) Video to explain 


Blocks / Fears

Limitations / Wounds

If any repeat

3b) Understanding the current

3c) Reference FLBW sheet

3d) Make your own FLBW sheet

3e) Subconscious v/s conscious – the gap

3f) Subconscious v/s conscious – reference sheet for gap

3g) Subconscious v/s conscious – make your gap sheet

CHAPTER 4:  Right action to roll the wheel

4a) Right action to roll – Drama triangle

4b) Drama triangle reference sheet

4c) Right action to roll – Living your desired values

4d) Desired values scaling sheet reference

4e) Desired values my scaling sheet

4f) Right action to roll – Feeling good 90% of the time in the day

4g) Feeling good reference sheet

4h) Feeling good my sheet

4i) Right action to roll – working on past issues

4j) The 3A Tool

4k) When to talk to a coach

4l) My personal experience on all of the above 5 steps (video)

CHAPTER 5: Attraction & Abundance

5a) Areas that are important for trusting the process

5b) Guided meditation on acknowledging abundance

5c) Guided meditation on empathetic manifestation

5d) Guided meditation for breaking patterns

5e) Guided meditation for micro abundance

CHAPTER 6: Vision board, Visualization & Surrender

6a) Details of all 3 areas

6b) Surrender meditation