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Lose Weight with PCOS Bundle 🌱πŸ”₯

A routine of our 4 blends that bridges nutritional gaps and optimizes bodily functions to keep your mind and body thriving and flourishing despite PCOS

So many women with PCOS struggle with frustrating symptoms like irregular periods, unwanted hair growth, and stubborn weight gain. This PCOS management bundle targets these concerns directly and holistically.

Using the power of natural ingredients, our products work together to help regulate hormones, manage weight, support healthy blood sugar, and promote clear skin and strong hair.

Take charge of your well-being and experience the difference a holistic approach can make.

  • Naturally glowing skin
  • Stronger and longer hair
  • Lesser mood swings, cramps, PMS symptoms
  • Heal acidity, water retention, bloating, gas, constipation
  • Better metabolism
  • Feel lighter and more energetic
  • Manage cholesterol, blood sugar, PCOS, cravings
  • Cleanse colon, detoxify liver and kidneys
  • Improve gall bladder health
  • See improved and restful sleep
  • Slow down and reverse ageing
  • Improve your body’s ability to fight infections and diseases

1 teaspoon of SuperRadiance in a glass of warm/ hot water every morning, before breakfast.

1 teaspoon of SuperDetox in a glass of warm/ hot water daily between breakfast and lunch

Start with 1/2 teaspoon of SuperHerbs every night between dinner and bedtime in a glass of warm/ hot water when it suits, move to 1 teaspoon

Start with 1/2 teaspoon of SuperCleanse every alternate night between dinner and bedtime in a glass of warm/ hot water when it suits, move to 1 teaspoon

Remember to be consistent!

100% VEGAN
Stock Up: Single bundle (40 servings each)

Weight: 0.8 kg


Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes most have all 4 as per the prescription mentioned on the packet

You can take them long term and on your own will take sporadic breaks here and there. My parents have been having SUPERHERBS for example for about 30 odd years. See these missing nutrition from our daily food and these herbs are 1000s years old used for healing purposes.

It happens very rarely but if any of them don’t suit you then at most it might be a breakout and you can always reduce the dose of that particular powder and go slow. You can also add one at a time to make sure you know which of the superfoods suit you and which don’t

SUPERHERBS can be a bit heaty. So if it leads to any skin breakout, you can stop

None of them have any added preservatives

Put them in an airtight container so that no ants etc. seep in. It is food after all!

It can be had upto 1 year